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Basket Making

Four generations of the Mullings family were basket makers in Easterton and Market Lavington. They made baskets in our area from the 1850s through to about 1960.


In times past baskets were essential containers for many purposes and a good basket maker was a vital person in the community. In the museum we have a collection of baskets made by the Mullings family.


This basket was made by in about 1910. Its first owner was Ann Pleydell Bouverie who lived a rather solitary life at The Old House on Parsonage Lane. Later, she gave the basket to Flo Burbidge who lived in our museum building with her parents. Her father was the gardener for Miss Pleydell Bouverie. Flo didn’t have any children and several of her possessions, including the basket, were given to the museum when it opened in 1985.

The last of the basket makers was Sid Mullings, seen here with a collection of his baskets. He continued the tradition of basket making from his father, William Alfred Mullings, who, in turn, had learned the trade from his father, William Henry Mullings. They all worked in Market Lavington but an uncle of William Henry had already been working in Easterton.


The family cut their own willow from the stream area below ‘The Bubbling Kettle’ for much of the work, but also bought in higher quality osiers from Somerset.


As well as baskets we have many tools associated with the trade which can be seen in the Trades Room


sid mullings

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