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Brick Making


It is known that bricks were made in the north of the parish from as early as 1662. The area became known as ‘Brickell’.

In the early years of the nineteenth century the Philpott family had the brickworks.


The Philpotts were local entrepreneurs. They also had The Green Dragon public house in Market Lavington.


In 1861 Philpotts ran The Royal Oak in Easterton.


In 1859 William Box took over the brickworks. Many of the buildings in the area are made from bricks and tiles which carry the Box name.



The Box family lived at the brick master’s house on Broadway in Market Lavington. Here we see William with some of his family.


William had sons who were very keen on traction engines. They introduced these machines to haul bricks.


Bricks being delivered to build the Congregational Church which opened in 1892.


The Holloways took over the business in the 20th century. They had quite a substantial workforce.


Brick workers could fashion odd bits of clay into toys for family members.


This rabbit, found in a garden, was made for members of the Davidge family.


The brickworks closed in the 1940s but the area is still in use for light industry. The old clay quarry was filled with rubbish and also still has commercial use.


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