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The Kitchen


The kitchen always was the heart of the home. It was here that you found the vital range which provided warmth and was also the main means of cooking. Our room is more crowded than it should be but it still retains something of the feel of a cottage kitchen.



Here we see a kitchen table with a huge bread crock under it, standing on the brick floor. At the far end there is a rag rug and laundry drying in front of the range. This range is an original fitting in the house.


On the left we see items associated with wash day. There’s a mangle, various galvanised baths and an old posser for beating clothes in a dolly tub.


The table has a mincer ready for action and a lovely pair of scales. There are assorted storage jars, bottles and crockery.


Pictures and candlesticks can be found on the mantelshelf above the range where a superior mousetrap awaits its next turn of duty. The walls are covered with pictures and samplers. Some pictures depict royalty and others show politicians. But, of course, family members predominate.


On shelves we have a range of crockery from the Workman’s Hall, lots of wine flagons as well as other bottles and crocks.




The doorway at the far end leads into the Trades Room