Market Lavington Museum

Forward Plan 2015-2018


Name of museum: Market Lavington Museum

Name of governing body: Museum Board

Date on which this policy was approved by governing body: April 2015

Date at which this policy is due for review: April 2018




1      Introduction........................................................................................................ 2

2.     Statement of Purpose. 3

3.     Review of the Previous Plan.. 3

4.     Development of this Plan.. 3

5.     Monitoring this Plan.. 3

6.     Current Situation.. 3

a. Organisation Structure. 4

b. Public Opening. 4

c. Staffing. 4

d. Audience. 6

e. Access. 7

f. Environmental Sustainability. 7

g. Finance. 7

h. Collection. 7

i. Security. 8

j. Tourism... 8

k. SWOT/PESTLE Analysis. 8

7.     Vision.. 9

8.     Aims & Objectives. 10

9.     Action Plan: Year One. 11

10.   Action Plan: Year Two-Three. 13

11.   Resources. 15

a. Spending plan. 15



This plan outlines The Market Lavington Museum’s (the Museum) planned activities over the next three years, 2015 – 2018. It describes our mission, our vision for the future and our commitment to improving our services. Through articulating our strategic aims, and the priorities to which we work, it describes the activities that will enable us to achieve these and the standards and indicators by which our achievements will be measured.


Statement of Purpose


The Museum seeks to collect and interpret items that celebrate the history of Market Lavington and Easterton and is committed to encouraging participation in cultural activities by local communities and visitors, for the benefit and enjoyment of all.


The above Mission Statement sets out the purpose of the Museum as follows;

·         To collect and preserve and display items relating to Market Lavington and Easterton and their people.

·         To provide exhibitions and events

·         To carry out projects and outreach work

·         To help promote lifelong learning


The aims of the Museum are;

·         To provide an enjoyable experience

·         To provide a learning experience

·         To provide access for all regardless of age, background and ability

·         To address the cultural, creative and intellectual needs of the local community


Review of the Previous Plan


The Museum has continued to improve its services over the last three years.


The areas of achievement are listed below;

1 The Publicity Officer, was appointed to the Board at the end of 2014.

2 Reduction of Accessions Register backlog.

3 Improved security measures.

4 Reduced the average age of the Trustees.

5 Completed a number of Outreach projects.

6 Expanded oral history project.

7 Reorganised storage area. 


Development of this Plan


This Forward Plan has been produced by the Museum Board under the leadership of the Curator.



5.  Monitoring this Plan


Progress toward the actions identified in this plan will be monitored on an ongoing basis with an update report being prepared for the Board at their yearly review in February. Milestones will be set for each of the objectives to assist with progress monitoring. A full review of the plan will be undertaken at the end of 2018 and action taken accordingly. Implementation of this plan will be the responsibility of the Curator overseen and approved by the Museum Board.


6 Current Situation


a. Organisation Structure

·         Market Lavington Museum is a limited company (no. 1865045) and a registered charity (no. 293631). The Museum is also registered (no.1185).

·         The Museum Board of Trustees manages the Museum. The Board meets every two months and forms the main decision making forum

·         Decisions are arrived at with reference to the Forward Plan, the Environmental Plan and the Staffing Agreement.

·         Curatorial and conservation advice and actual conservation work are provided by Wiltshire CMAS at the Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre in Chippenham.

·         The Museum is housed in a former cottage and has four small rooms housing the displays plus a storage area.

·         The Museum bank with Lloyds TSB, Devizes Branch, 38 Market Place, Devizes, Wiltshire, SN10 1JD.

·         The Museum is insured by Zurich Municipal, Policy No. XAO-122028-6013


b. Public Opening

·           The Museum's opening hours are as follows;


From May 1st to October 31st the Museum will be open every    Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday between 14.30 - 16.30 hours.

Additionally, the Museum will open on Bank Holidays.


The Museum aims to open for a few days during the Christmas period. 


The Museum will be opened at any reasonable time for private or group visits by arrangement directly with the curator.


c. Staffing

      The Museum is run entirely by volunteers; nobody is paid.


       There are a number of Trustees who fulfil the following positions;


            Finance Officer/Treasurer




            Public Relations Officer

            4 Others


The Museum is very fortunate to have over forty volunteers, who are our most valuable asset.  The Trustees are satisfied that the number and quality of our volunteers enable the Museum to open at all advertised times and that the visitors receive the best possible experience.


d. Audience


      Over 750 people actually enter the Museum as visitors each year. Most are local; which we consider as within a 20 mile radius. However, an increasingly significant number are worldwide, many seeking family history information. There are many educational visits, averaging 40 children each year plus an increasing number of group visits.


Through talking to visitors, comments left and emails received after visits we know that almost without exception visitors are very happy with their experience. We always react to visitor requests even to the point of making contact after their visit to answer any queries they have may had.


Many more local people experience the Museum because we take it to them. The village fetes, each year, in both Market Lavington and Easterton allow us a stall. They attract hundreds of visitors. Most spend some time at the museum stand.


One major talk (known as the Museum Miscellany) is held in Market Lavington each autumn. This very popular event, the last attracted 120 visitors, allows local people to see, hear and even taste of their village history. The Museum has a web site and a blog. The curator adds something to the blog every day. Based on 2014 about 100 visitors per day looked at about 200 pages on the blog.





Total Visitors



















e. Access


For full details and maps of how to find us please see the directions section of our website or our advertising material.

Market Lavington is connected to the large towns by bus services; which can be checked by using the links on our website.


Car Parking and Arrival


There is no on-site car parking at the Museum, but the adjacent Community Hall has a large car park which is available to our customers. Alternatively, there are car parking spaces in Church Street.


The Museum is built on a slope which in various places is cobbled, tarmaced and grass tracks. Therefore, some difficulty may be experienced by wheelchairs users. As the Museum is housed in a small listed 1846 house it is impossible to install a lift to allow wheelchair users to access the first floor.

Unfortunately, we are unable to install toilets in the Museum, but toilets are available in the Old School which is a short distance away.


f. Environmental Sustainability

The Museum is committed to reducing its environmental impact year on year.

We seek to continually improve the environmental performance of our activities and we are committed to reducing impacts to the environment from all areas of our operation.

The Trustees lead on environmental performance, awareness and engagement.  We will comply with relevant legislation and will strive to reduce our consumption of electricity and other materials.

The Museum does operate under an Environmental Policy which was reviewed and ratified in April 2015


g. Finance    


Answer all of the below and add any extra you may want:

  • What is the situation with regard to the past, current and future financial position of the museum?
  • Is the museum generating enough surplus income to allow for future developments?
  • Do you have several bank accounts? If so, list all of them separately and produce the below table for each:


Financial Year

Gross Income

Total Expenditure

April 11 - March 12



April 12 - March 13



April 13 - March 14












h. Collection

At the Museum we have what very kind people have given us that fits into our Collection Policy. This tends to be items of the 19th and 20th century. We do not regard anything as a gap for if we don’t have it, we cannot display it. However, for specific events, such as the Centenary of WW1 we do ask both locally and on a world wide basis, via the blog.


We have only about 20% of our artefacts on display although most of the copy photographs are available for visitors to handle and see.


Space is at a premium. By current standards we would say that we cram too much into our displays, but the overall effect is pleasing to our many volunteers and visitors alike.


The collection is catalogued except for a working backlog of new acquisitions. We are looking into ways of making the catalogue more accessible ( possibly via Modes and Wiltshire Treasures).


All items on display have a small explanatory label. Labels produced in recent years include the items accession number so further information can be found on the record card. These can include the full history, diagrams etc. Our trained volunteer stewards are able to find stored items which researchers might require.


The Museum is very outreaching and talks and slide shows encourage people to research. Our family history documents are available for all to see as are all our photographs. Our stewards are able to direct researchers to the most appropriate person if we are contacted in advance.


All our 8200 items are gifts except for two loan items. These are a Fantasmagoria magic lantern and an Edison Bell phonograph with associated slides/cylinders.


The Museum works with other local bodies. As of 2015, it seems there may be a more coordinated approach to increasing tourism in the area. The two village fetes, in Market Lavington and Easterton both bring in large numbers of visitors as well as locals. The Museum has a presence at both. We work with groups such as The World War One Commemoration Group, whose events with museum input brought in many visitors.


We have staged displays in the local church, which we expect to increase following expected development of the church. Recently, the Museum has been able to loan items to countrywide exhibitions including “Soldiers of Salisbury Plain” at Stonehenge. The “Dusty Feet” exhibition at Salisbury Library, Wiltshire in 100 objects and the local Guides 40th birthday party. Our images and stories have been incorporated into the Wiltshire at War exhibition.


The Museum does operate under an Acquisitions and Disposal Policy and a Care and Conservation Policy, both of which are attached and were ratified in April 2015.





Description of Items

Number of Items

% of Collection













Unknown Source











i. Security

A security survey has been completed by the local Police Officer who considered that our security was good and could not be improved without spending considerable amounts of money. The security survey was carried out on 28th December 2014.


j. Tourism

The Market Lavington Parish Council has recently produced a Tourism Mission Statement.

“Our mission is to establish and execute a tourism policy which is based on the principles of sustainable tourism development to contribute to economic growth whilst respecting the heritage and environment of the village”


The Museum will play its part in encouraging visitors to the village by improving our public face and the strength of our displays.






Local, Fun, Social Environment, Friendly helpful stewards. Website, Free, Clean & Tidy, Nearby parking, Schools program, Well displayed and wide ranging collections, Imaginative, Engaging, Safe


Lack of Marketing

Partially non Digitised collections

No road frontage

Small building, No retail space. Collections partly not online

Not in major tourist area, Limited budget, Small capacity


Lottery grant, Small grant schemes, Volunteer projects, Get on tourism route, Improve marketing, Build relationships with other museums, Expansion would help to promote Market Lavington as a whole.



Building is leased, Lacks IT,  Needs more youngsters involved



7 Vision


The Museum uses and develops its collections to strengthen local communities, explore life in the past and present, expand horizons and offer inspiration, learning and enjoyment. In doing this it will help to make Market Lavington a pleasant environment for those who live, visit or work in the village.


8 Key Aims


Key strategic aims for the Museum have been identified previously. These are still relevant for the future, with each aim relating to a key activity area of the Museum.


1  To retain Museum accreditation

2  To secure the long term care of the collection

3  To actively collect, preserve and interpret items relating to Market Lavington and Easterton, the surrounding area and its people.

4  To improve access to, and use of, the collections

5  To increase visitor numbers and awareness of the Museum

6  To operate the Museum efficiently and effectively within the budgets allocated






Action Plan: Year One


The Market Lavington Museum is already set up and operated with the above aims in mind; the purpose of the Action Plan is to define how to further develop and improve the service provided and to ensure its long-term future and financial viability.


The Actions are given priority categories and target completion dates in terms of financial years where appropriate. Many are classified as ‘ongoing’, in that they are continually kept under review, with progress assessed each year. ‘Target dates’ refer to our financial year, which runs from April to March.






People responsible

Resources needed

Budget and funding source

Completion date


Success criteria

1 Retain Museum Accreditation

To achieve accreditation under the Museums Accreditation Scheme.

Re-apply under the Accreditation Standard


Volunteer time


April 2015


Museum achieves full Accreditation.

2 Secure long term care of the collection

Accessioning of new material into the collection and eliminate backlog.

Retain and recruit volunteers to carry out this work.


Volunteer time

Computer and Tablet

£1000 funded by grants

December 2015


All artefacts entered onto MODES

Enlarge Museum, increase display space.

Negotiate with the Parish Council to use part of the Old School.


Volunteer time

£5000 for new display cabinets funded by grants

December 2015


New display area ready for spring 2016

3 To actively collect items related to Market Lavington and its surrounding areas

Increase the variety of items within the museum


Refer to collections policy


Volunteer time




Filling new display area

 4 To improve access to, and the use of the collections

See 2 above, enlarge display area and ensure all artefacts are entered onto MODES

Improve signage

Improve signage from Community car park to the Museum


Volunteer Time

£1000 one off for signage; funded by grants

December 2015



5 To increase visitor numbers and awareness  of the Museum

To double the number of visitors in 2015


Improve PR, join Visit Wiltshire and Trip Advisor, plus other social media


Volunteer Time

£500 pa

Funded by Grants

December 2015


Visitor numbers doubled

6 To operate the Museum efficiently and effectively within the budgets allocated.

Ensure budget is set accurately and it is adhered to.


The Chairman and Treasurer to set spending plans and monitor on a regular basis


Volunteer Time




Actual to budget variances eliminated

































End of year review

To be completed at the end of the first year of the action plan.





Actions to carry forward













Action Plan: Year Two-Three





People responsible

Resources needed

Budget and funding source

Completion date


Success criteria
























































































End of year review

To be completed at the end of each year of the action plan.





Actions to carry forward











Key of People Responsible







Rog Frost



Mike Bedford



Tim Padfield



Bob Gordon

PR Officer/Trustee





Peter Bell






























a. Spending plan

Having defined the purpose of the museum, established current performance and set objectives and actions for improvement, the museum should produce a financial plan that identifies what funds are required to deliver the strategy and where these will come from.


Spending Plan - 3 Year Profit and Loss Forecast











Market Lav Book & Discs
















Gift Aid








Total Gross Profit









Collection Costs








Repair, maintenance and renewal: equipment




Repair, maintenance and renewal: building




Office Expenses












Party Costs
















Total expenditure





Net operating profit