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As you make your way upstairs you’ll note that our stair well is valuable display space. We have numerous enamel and wooden signs as well as glass from long closed pubs.

This enamel sign advertised the Merritts who were blacksmiths and farriers based on the edge of Broadwell.


As you move upstairs you’ll find something that one member of the Merritt family was more famous for.


Market Lavington has had a band since the 1880s – maybe from before then. We have instruments and other band memorabilia.


From the 1890s through to the 1950s John Merritt was the band master. He even appeared on a TV programme to celelbrate his time as leader of the band.


Village people recall that the band always gathered on Christmas Day and played carols as they moved along the street.


After a period without a band, there is, once again, a Lavington Band.


If you haven’t been to the museum for a few years, you’ll be amazed at the transformation upstairs. Here we have some of the family who display items of clothing we have at the museum.


We change them each year so it may not be these clothes you see when you visit.


Here the family were ‘getting up in the morning’ and were still in under garments.


We have three fairly new display cabinets in the upstairs room which have allowed us to show even more treasures of our parishes.


In this cabinet we see that the bottom shelf is devoted to Easterton’s jam factory and includes a display pack of jam made when Princess Ann visited the factory in 1985.


The next shelf up has an eclectic mix of treasures and above that we show some rather cute agricultural items.


The top shelf has items associated with motoring.


All of these displays get changed from time to time so you may see something different when you visit.


We always had a ‘war cabinet’ in the upstairs room and that remains.


Market Lavington and Easterton have long military histories, for the parts of the parish on Salisbury Plain have been training areas for well over 100 years.


During World War I, troops from Canada and Australia trained locally and were often seen in the villages.


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