Market Lavington Museum

1940’s wedding cards

Florrie Burbidge, who grew up in the home which now houses our museum, married Bert Shore on 29th June 1940. We have recently been given two wedding cards and a telegram, saved since that day.

This card is from Florrie’s sister Dorrie, who was already married to Bob and lived in Bristol. She came back to Market Lavington, to be Florrie’s wedding attendant.

Maybe Bob and Dorrie’s card was produced before the war. Its silver writing looks rather elaborate for wartime. It reads:-

Put your best foot forward on your wedding day

Stepping out together on life’s broad highway.

Best of health and fortune may you gladly meet.

Love be ever with you. Life be full and sweet.

Congratulations for a very happy union

and many happy wedded years.

The other saved card was in the form of a postcard.

The reverse shows that it was posted locally to Florrie’s home in the School House, with 1½d stamps. Her married home was at North View on The Terrace, between the Market Place and Northbrook in Market Lavington.

We will look at their wedding telegram next time.

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