Market Lavington Museum


Rather like a photograph, the essays in the Darby and Joan booklet provide a snapshot in time. They date from 1984 and Vera Shergold’s and Eva Kirby’s contributions describe the amenities in the village of Market Lavington at that time.

Vera just provided a very short description, noting that Market Lavington, about a mile and a half by footpath from her home at Fiddington Farm, was where she shopped and went for some social activities. She also included a brief description of Easterton.

The final pot of jam was produced by Easterton’s jam factory in 1998.

In 1984, Eva Kirby was a newly arrived resident, but she provided a detailed account of the local services available at that time.

At the time of writing this blog, in 2021, we are aware that some of these facilities have gone or changed. This was the village hall referred to by Eva.

It has since been demolished and replaced by a larger brick building on a different site. Among the Community Hall Users are the congregation of Trinity Church, for the chapel building in Eva Kirby’s essay is now a house. The newsagents, bank, estate agents, one of the grocery shops, the furniture shop, fruit shop, clothes shop, photographers and hardware shops are also consigned to history.

Over the page, Eva added a few more shops and services.

The fish and chip shop is still there but, of the four pubs, only one remains. On the plus side, we now have a chemist’s shop in Market Lavington.

We are very grateful to Market Lavington and Easterton’s Darby and Joan Club for providing us with this snapshot of 1984. We will look at the local clubs and activities listed in their essays on another occasion.