Market Lavington Museum

A 1954 Directory

This blog has had items before that comment on how useful lists of names are when it comes to genealogy. For Market Lavington and Easterton there are the censuses from 1851 to 1911 available. Fiddington also has 1841 available for it was then in West Lavington. At the museum we have electoral rolls from 1837 for Market Lavington and Easterton (limited since so few people were electors) and from 1926 (Market Lavington only) and 1939 for Market Lavington and Easterton). This new directory, given to the museum by the Williams family of Easterton has lists of what might be called head of household for each parish – a useful post war list for us and for the many genealogists who visit the museum.

The directory was published by The Wiltshire Gazette.

1954 directory at Market Lavington Museum

It covers the whole of the Devizes area so includes all local parishes,

The lists of names give addresses.

A part of the Easterton list

Market Lavington name list in the directory

As can be seen, the lists are, handily, in alphabetical order and do go through from A to Z.

There is also a telephone directory within the book with a section for those areas which used the Lavington exchange.

Pink Pages for the phone directory

The Lavington exchange included other villages in the area. Pretty pink paper makes these phone pages very distinctive.

There’s more to come from this lovely book – so expect to see this featured again on this blog.