Market Lavington Museum

A 1955 School Photo

Girls at Market Lavington School in 1955

Here we have a delightful photo of some of the girls who were at Market Lavington School in 1955. The building is now ‘The Old School’ and essentially, some 56 years on, it looks the same.

Some of the people in the photo are named. Amongst those in the back row are Hazel Maynard, Florrie Amberwood, Mary Cooper and another Miss Maynard.

The middle row contains Christine Dudman, Vicky Davis, Barbara Ellis and Mary Burt.

In the front row the girls include V (now) Miles, Marlene Cox, Sandra Preedy, Angela Pickford, Sandra Oram, Marian Maynard and Lena Arnold.

At the museum we know who some of these girls are now – and some still live in Market Lavington. Can you help us to identify all of them?