Market Lavington Museum

A bigger spoke

We are at present relocating many of our artefacts prior to opening Market Lavington Museum for the 2022 season. Visitors will be made aware of Wheelwrighting and Wheelwright memories as soon as they come through the door, as they see some of the large exhibits from this business, which was based at Gye’s Yard on White Street.

Amongst these, we have a wheel hub and a wheel awaiting the addition of its metal tyre.

A lot of stages were involved in making and assembling all the parts of a wheel. Linking the hub in the centre to the curved Felloes around the outer wheel are a set of spokes. Obviously, carts and waggons came in a range of sizes and the diameter of the wheel could be adjusted by making spokes of varying lengths.

In the museum we have a single spoke, which would have formed part of a larger wheel than the one in our picture.

Here we see the red coloured spoke held in roughly the right position by the hub and extending well beyond the felloes on our smaller wheel.

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