Market Lavington Museum

A bill from Notton the baker

The Nottons had a baker’s shop in Market Lavington for over half a century. (See A Bread Cart Carriage Lamp for more information on this business.)

Their premises were along the High Street between the Post Office and the Co-op nowadays. Older residents might remember the Lloyds Bank which was later in the same building and is now a house called Bank House. It is the white building, centre left on this 1950s postcard, not the then baker’s shop with HOVIS on its wall.

Amongst our museum collection of local billheads, we have a Notton’s one from 1900, saved by Mrs Gye.

Notton’s was not only a baker’s shop, but sold some grocery and was a corn factor. Research suggests that Pollard was corn meal, which we believe was made from a type of maize. Mrs Gye also bought a sack of corn, so maybe these purchases were made for feeding poultry.