Market Lavington Museum

A brooch to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee

Sixty years a Queen of England! What an achievement that was, although I’m sure we all hope we’ll have a similar event to celebrate in a couple of years.

But Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee was celebrated in 1897 and we can only imagine the fun and games that might have occurred all over the country, and, indeed, the empire. And of course, that included Market Lavington, Fiddington and Easterton.

Perhaps in those days, well over 100 years ago, people were more inclined to venerate royalty. Jewellery was made for the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee and we have an example of one item – a brooch – in Market Lavington Museum.

Brooch commemoration Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1897 - at Market Lavington Museum

This would appear to be a cheap, base metal item and portrays Queen Victoria in 1837 on the left and in 1897 on the right. A crown sits over the top.

This is one of many items given to the museum by a former resident, R. N. May, back in 1990.

And of course, this year Market Lavington Museum will celebrate its own Silver Jubilee with the ‘Museum Miscellany’ event on 18th September.