Market Lavington Museum

A butcher’s bag

Not every item at Market Lavington Museum is very old. Indeed, we often say that today’s news is tomorrow’s history and add some recent objects to our collection. One such is a bag advertising Douse’s Butcher’s shop.

Butcher Douse bag

Many of our displays are changed every year or two. In 2019, we set up a display about Market Lavington shops and this bag features in it. Douse’s have been in their shop opposite the Market Place since 1964, but the building has been used as a butcher’s shop for a very long time. (See The butcher’s shop)

Alongside our bag, we have some tools that have been used by local butchers over the years.

Butcher steel Butcher carcass stretcher Butcher cleaver

The butcher’s steel would have hung from his belt, handy for sharpening his cutting tools. The carcass stretcher held the meat being butchered, whilst the cleaver was used for chopping.

We also have a steelyard in our trades room. (See A butcher’s steelyard)