Market Lavington Museum

A carte de visite

In Market Lavington, we consider ourselves lucky to have had professional photographers in the village over many years. Their work has provided the museum with many artefacts and much evidence of how people and places looked in times gone by.

A recent acquisition is this carte de visite photograph of a young lady.

Cartes de visite were mounted photographs measuring about 2 inches by 4½ inches. The back of the card shows that the photographer was Alf Burgess. He set up his business in Market Lavington in 1886 and died in 1918, when two of his sons carried on as Burgess Bros.

We can probably date this photo to the 1890s, bearing in mind the style of the card and the subject’s clothes. We do not know who the young lady was, nor whether she lived in Market Lavington or just came here to be photographed. If anyone recognises her, we would be delighted to know.