Market Lavington Museum

A chance find at Paxtons

Our curator was delivering items to the new owners of Paxtons in Easterton the other day when he noted a bit of memorial stone on the ground. It had been found whilst digging footings for a new garage (we think). It commemorated the Reverend Stacy, a Vicar of Easterton who died in 1951.

Memorial to the Reverend Stacy, found at Paxtons in Easterton

Memorial to the Reverend Stacy, found at Paxtons in Easterton

The engraved stone is clearly in two pieces which is a shame, of course, but perhaps we can be pleased that it still exists.

It immediately begged the question, ‘what was erected and where?’

The good folks of Easterton soon had an answer and we’d like to thank Joy Spencer for this suggestion. She recalled that gates at the entrance to Easterton Village Hall had been dedicated to Reverend Stacy and that there was a photo of the dedication ceremony in progress. We actually already had a copy of the photo at the museum.


Dedicating the Easterton Village Hall gates to Reverend Stacy

 Let’s enlarge the crucial part of this.


We can see that stone, in place and receiving its blessing.

Whilst we are zoomed in, let’s just look at some of the onlookers. Maybe they can be recognised.


We know very little about Alfred Stacy. We know he was born in 1886 and died in 1951 having been Vicar of Easterton since 1930. Surely someone out there can tell us more.