Market Lavington Museum

A child’s winter coat – 1890s

We have seen this child’s coat before (Mary wears contrary clothing) but it is a lovely garment and worth a closer look.

child coat

It is made of a woollen flannel fabric, heavily embroidered, with lace inserted at the cuffs and neckline.

child coat pocket

Just below the pocket, we can see that a clothes moth grub has enjoyed a nibble at some point in its 120 + years’ existence. Otherwise, the coat is in remarkable condition for its age.

Child coat inside

Looking inside, we can see that the flannel material has red selvedges and that a lot of work has gone into assembling the garment from many pieces, to give it its fitted appearance. It was fastened up with hooks, so a whole lot of tiny loops had to be sewn to accommodate them.

child coat detail

Presumably the family of the child who wore the coat were proud of it, as it has been passed down through the generations, until it was given to the museum for future generations to enjoy.