Market Lavington Museum

A christening gown and veil

At Market Lavington Museum, we have quite a number of items of clothing, many of them about 100 years old. It is not always easy to get a representative view of the range of clothes worn back then as we are entirely reliant on what we are given and that depends on what families have saved and handed down. Everyday children’s clothes would have become dirty and worn after being passed down through the family and very few have been preserved.

However, we do have quite a number of christening gowns. These would have had little opportunity to wear out, being worn for only one day by each member of the family. They would have been precious garments, handed down through the generations.

Christening dress silk 1920

This one dates from 1920. It is made from cream silk, with lace at the neck and hem. The short, puffed sleeves are trimmed with lace too and the yoke is embroidered. Christening dresses are usually much longer than the baby wearing them. This one measures 73 cm in length.

It was worn with a 40cm square, cream silk veil, which  has a wide lacy trimming.

Christening dress silk 1920 veil