Market Lavington Museum

A coach at Grove Farm

At Market Lavington Museum, we are grateful to John, whose oral history recording has provided us with an insight into where the local lads played around the village in the 1950s. (See A 1950s childhood – freedom to roam and Playing outside in the 1950s.) The latter post posed a question, which has been answered by one of our readers. Thank you, Norman, for letting us know that the World War II SOE underground rooms were located in the area where Shires Garage was built later. This, in turn, has now been replaced by Shires Close.

John also talked of playing on the land belonging to Grove Farm (whose farmhouse has now been replaced by the Community Hall). The gentle slope was favoured for tobogganing. Maybe John used this field with its slope down from the churchyard to the Northbrook stream.

John also told us about a green single decker coach, a derelict mobile home, which was on Grove Farm land. It was unlocked and children played there. They used it as an RSPB sanctuary and as a pirate ship. They had a reading club in there and John remembered an older girl reading ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’ to them!

And now, local readers with long memories, can anyone tell us where the coach was? If anyone has a photo of it and is able to donate a copy of it to the museum, we would be very pleased to add it to our collection.