Market Lavington Museum

A colourful scarf

At Market Lavington Museum, we have a collection of clothing mostly dating from the later Victorian era and into the early twentieth century. Amongst these items are several scarves.

This one is said to date from about 1850.

It is 25 cm wide and made from black silk, with colourful stripy sections at each end, by the 11 cm long fringes of black tassels. Overall, it is 141cm long.

Our records state that it belonged to Winifred Gye. Our museum founder, Peggy Gye, had married into this family. Her husband, Tom, had an aunt named Winifred.

She is the lady on the right in the middle row of Tom Gye’s Dad, Aunts and Uncles, but she lived from 1871 to 1951. If the 1850 date for the scarf is correct, either Winifred had it as a second hand item or there was a Winifred Gye in a previous generation.