Market Lavington Museum

A copper water jug

It was after World War II before homes in Market Lavington were connected to a mains water supply. In previous blog posts, we have focussed on some of our museum artefacts which remind us of how people managed their ablutions in those less convenient times. (See Wash ewer here!, Slop pails and A Tin Bath.)

If you wanted to wash in a bedroom, water would have been heated on the kitchen range and carried upstairs for use in the bowl, maybe cooled down a little with cold water from a matching ceramic ewer.

In our museum collection, we have a copper jug used for carrying hot water. Here it is, hanging on the kitchen dresser.

On closer inspection, we can see the holes indicating that it would originally have had a lid to reduce splashing and a little heat loss whilst being carried upstairs.

Our jug dates from about 1900 and belonged to a lady on Spin Hill in Market Lavington.