Market Lavington Museum

A Croze Plane at Market Lavington Museum

We have many tools, associated with all sorts of crafts at Market Lavington Museum. Once upon a time, Market Lavington was a small market town, but even had it been a small village it would have needed to be self sufficient in all sorts of ways.

Wooden barrels were once a favoured method for storing many kinds of foodstuff. If well made, the contents, alcoholic or otherwise, could keep well in the airtight and watertight container. Market Lavington had its coopers – makers of barrels but if you want to see this rare craft now, you’ll need to head to the Wadworth Brewery in Devizes where a cooper still makes wooden casks for the beer made there.

Coopering was skilled work. All the slats had to fit perfectly together and wooden lid and base had to be a perfect fit as well. One of the tools used was the croze plane.

Croze plane at Market Lavington Museum

This was used to produce the croze – a V shaped ring around the inside of the barrel, which the top, or head, of the cask could fit into.

We have thousands of items at Market Lavington Museum and many, including this croze plane, are not on display at the moment. When you visit the museum, do ask the duty steward if there are things you want to see that are held in the store room.

The museum opens on 1st May (Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday and Bank Holidays from 2.30 to 4.30pm). We look forward to seeing you.