Market Lavington Museum

A curd agitator

Market Lavington parish is like Wiltshire in miniature. It has its chalk lands and it also has its cheese country. The two areas, with different underlying rock formations are very different -= as different as chalk and cheese.

We know that Mr Seymour up at Freith Farm was a cheese maker. The Freith area, on the main road to Potterne and Devizes, has recently sprouted road signs which tell of its name but it is and always was a part of the Parish of Market Lavington. It comes as no surprise that we have some of the tools of the cheese making business in the museum. We have called this item a curd agitator.

Curd agitator at Market Lavington Museum - about 1900

Curd agitator at Market Lavington Museum – about 1900

The agitator was used to help separate curds from whey. It has a long handle not shown in the photo.

This probably dates from around the start of the 20th century