Market Lavington Museum

A cylinder vacuum cleaner

Some of us may remember using an upright Hoover Junior vacuum cleaner in the 1950s, though the design was actually pre war. We have already featured the one in Market Lavington Museum’s collection in A 10p vacuum cleaner.

However, cylinder cleaners were also available and we have one dating from 1934, supplied in this wooden box.

Inside the box, we can see that the cleaner came with the same sort of range of tools and extension tubes that we would expect with a modern cylinder vacuum cleaner.

This model was made by a company called Vac-tric, based in Cricklewood and formed in 1924.

Further research informed us that it would have cost £6.12s.6d in the mid 1930s or for 2 shillings weekly on hire purchase.

For our next blog entry, we will unpack the box and look at some of the features of this old machine in more detail.