Market Lavington Museum

A dodecahedron

Darby and Joan clubs were set up to provide social opportunities for elderly folk. Market Lavington had such a club, which is now called the Monday Club.

It celebrated its 25th anniversary in 1988, having been set up in 1963. A work of embroidery was produced by the members to mark the occasion and this is now in Market Lavington Museum.

It is a dodecahedron, worked in silver lamé, with blue, white and silver decoration.

The embroidery around the base explains the occasion for which it was produced, whilst some of the pentagons from which the 3D shape is formed have been embellished with bead work motifs.

The object can be opened up to expose a flower display inside.

A paper label beneath the object refers to it being a group entry, so we presume it was in a competition.