Market Lavington Museum

A find in Saxon Close

Plenty of Saxon finds were uncovered when building work was going on in the Grove Farm area some 20 or so years ago. Rest assured, the building of the new estate of houses was stopped and a proper archaeological excavation was carried out. Later, one of the closes in the new street system was called Saxon Close to mark the Saxon cemetery found beneath it.

But new residents can still turn over items of interest and this coin, which may be a two pence (2d) coin was found by someone digging in the garden of  number 2, Saxon Close.

Worn reverse side of a coin at market Lavington Museum

The reverse, with its image of Britannia is fairly well worn but the obverse (head side) of the coin has been well preserved.

Obverse of George III coin at Market Lavington Museum

This is a George the Third coin and dates from 1807. It had probably been lost for almost 200 years before it came to Market Lavington Museum in the year 2000.

This coin and others are now on display in one of the new cabinets.

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