Market Lavington Museum

A gallon measure

Older readers of this blog will remember using the gallon as a liquid measure when buying petrol or might think of the size of a bucket as holding two gallons. The gallon was equal to eight pints and is about four and a half litres, if you are more familiar with metric units.

At Market Lavington Museum we have this gallon measure.

We have very little information about it. It is made of wood, so is unlikely to have been used for measuring liquids. We imagine it was used by a tradesperson or in some line of work, rather than in the kitchen.

One theory is that it could have been used by a farmer or seed merchant for measuring seed. Our curator can remember buying peas for planting in the garden, which were sold by the pint.

The only information on our records suggest that it dates from the early twentieth century. Do add a comment to this blog if you have any information or theories as to what it might have been used for.