Market Lavington Museum

A ghost in the Market Place

The 1953 Women’s Institute file of local history, includes a paragraph about a ghost, who appeared in a house in the south west corner of Market Lavington’s Market Place so, maybe, it was the white house behind the coach in this picture. That building is located between the remaining part of a maltings and the fire station. The building on the far left of the picture is in the south west corner, but would probably have been described as a house on the High Street.

merged-pair-small.jpg (600×261)

This photo dates from the 1950s. The WI file says that by 1953 the house concerned had recently been pulled down. The Market Place was completely demolished and rebuilt in the 1960s apart from the Market House, somewhere behind the tree in the right of this picture.

Anyway, somewhere in the region of the coach, there was a haunted house, lived in by a Mrs Smith. It seems that the ghost was quite benign and, when she appeared as a lady in a poke bonnet with skirts that rustled, Mrs Smith just read her Bible aloud. Her friends and relations were not so brave and wouldn’t sleep in the house if Mrs Smith wasn’t there.