Market Lavington Museum

A ghost sign

A couple of our recent blog posts, A sign of the times and More sign writing at Lavington House, have looked at the slogans painted on the building which for many years was a thriving department store on the crossroads in Market Lavington.

At the museum, we have this lovely postcard dating from 1913.

Walton’s Stores occupied all of these buildings. The shop on the left of the card extended from the brick building on the corner of the High Street into the stone building on White Street. This building has a scroll painted by the upstairs window. On closer inspection we can read what it said …

… The noted boot and shoe warehouse, Lavington and Salisbury. An earlier postcard, from 1904, shows the same signage.

However, at some point, the sign was changed. By the time of the Parapet Collapse on this building in 1993, we can read the later wording …

… The house that value built.

The department store has long gone though, in April 2021, the scroll sign is still there but has turned into a ghost sign, with the more recent writing fading away to reveal what had been painted there well over a century ago.