Market Lavington Museum

A Gift of Knowledge

At Market Lavington Museum we like to feel we run a professional show but the truth is we are all volunteers doing the best we can. But we can’t know everything and we don’t pretend to. There are different experts we can turn to if we need help – we know our local specialists too, if we need help with farm carts and wagons or with old carpentry tools.  We have good genealogists and people who are good at identifying dates of clothes. But we all need help, so we were delighted to be given a bundle of small reference books recently – books in the Shire Album and ‘Discovering’ series.

Some of a collection of small reference books, recently given to Market Lavington Museum

We can see that this selection of books covers many a topic of relevance to our locality. We have had poultry farmers and still have small time poultry keepers. There have been cars in the parish for more than a hundred years now. We had a fire station here. We have lots of bottles and people keep finding more. Bicycles have not been something we have featured in the museum but they do appear in many photos. Dairying bygones we certainly have. That particular book was by a fairly local author. (Where are you now, Art Ingram?). The buildings books are very relevant. Cob and thatch were traditional building materials in this area.  Then there are the wagons and horse harness and finally, of the books on show, there are oil lamps – we have many examples in the museum.

These books can add to our expertise as volunteers, running the museum, but they can also be seen by visitors to help them find out what they want.

Thanks, Paula, for the gift. It is much appreciated.