Market Lavington Museum

A girl off to town in the 1940s

Amongst many items taken from store and put on display for this, Market Lavington Museum’s silver jubilee year are these clothes.

1940s dressed mannequin at Market Lavington Museum

They are worn by the mannequin which once graced the window display of the clothing store on the corner of High Street and White Street. These premises are now occupied by Gemini, the hair dressers.

The clothing, however, was worn by a Lavington lady in the 1940s. The brown check suit was made by Browns of Leicester in the 1940s and gives something of a world war two look to this lady. She must be expecting rain, for she carries her brolly of a similar vintage. She has the air of a young lady off to town for the day.

We’d love the lady to wear a hat, but we have nothing suitable for her. If you have hats, or other clothes which must have a connection with the parish of Market Lavington and you’d like to offer them to the museum then please contact the curator.