Market Lavington Museum

A Handkerchief Case

This delightful piece of needlework is rather like an envelope in style. The decorated front flap lifts to reveal a pouch behind.

A 1920a handkerchief case at Market Lavington Museum

The item is just under 20cm square and is made of cotton with the blue and purple embroidery we can see.

Museum records tell us that this piece of needlework  dates from the late 1920s and was used by the Welch family. This was another item that was in Peggy Gye’s personal collection, given to the museum when it opened in 1985.

We now speculate as to whether Peggy was economical with the full truth. Peggy, of course, was born as Miss Welch and it is, at the least, possible, that it was her young hand who made this item.

Or maybe you can tell us something different?