Market Lavington Museum

A jam making table

We have already seen in Lucretia E Gye’s recipe book the expectation to make use of seasonal ingredients as in her recipes for Home made alcoholic drinks. Jam making would also have taken place when the relevant fruits were ripe and ready to be picked. Most cooks know the basics of making jam – boiling fruit and sugar and maybe some water until the jam wrinkles on a saucer and then pouring it into hot jam jars. Detailed instructions for each type of jam would not have been needed, but the quantity of water required would.

Ethel Gye wrote a handy table for this in her notebook on the J for jam page.

Even in these days when children learn metric measurements at school, many folk will still use pounds (lbs) and ounces (oz) and pints for cooking. However the liquid measurement of the gill, meaning 1/4 pint, and used by Ethel in her jamming table, would be less well understood nowadays.