Market Lavington Museum

A knitted blanket

Market Lavington Museum is housed in a small cottage, which makes it difficult to display some of our larger items, such as bedspreads. Our solution to this problem is to drape one over the settle, which is then used for seated dummies, dressed in period costume. In 2019, our settle was covered with this knitted blanket.

Settle 1    bedspread 1

It certainly fits our rules regarding local provenance as it was knitted in the 1950s by Mrs Baker of Parsonage Lane, Market Lavington. We cannot imagine how many hours it took to make.

There are tassels on three sides, but not at the top, where they would have tickled the sleepers’ chins. Excluding the tassels, it measures about 250 cms by 190 cms, so would have fitted a double bed and hung down over the sides and foot of the bed.

bedspread 2

Mrs Baker must have knitted it in sections, so there was a lot of sewing involved too, putting together the 15 cm square pieces. What a labour of love! We are glad to have it in the museum, where it can be appreciated by future generations.