Market Lavington Museum

A knitting pattern

An old knitting pattern may not seem to be a particularly museum worthy item – but this one, recently donated, has a retailer’s name on it which gives it its real local provenance.

Knitting pattern sold at Mrs McKinstry's shop in Market Lavington

Knitting pattern sold at Mrs McKinstry’s shop in Market Lavington

We believe this knitting pattern dates from the mid twentieth century and it was clearly being sold by J R McKinstry, Draper, of Market Lavington. Interesting to note it cost just 6d.

Mrs McKinstry had the corner shop – on the corner of High Street and White Street. This shop had seen many uses over the years. Mr Walton had his drapery department there.  This became Mr Hayball’s shop during and after World War Two. Then for a short while, Mr Good sold motorbikes from the shop before it reverted to a drapery business with Mrs McKinstry. She passed the business on to a Mrs Saunders who was there in the mid-70s and for a long time now the shop has been Gemini – the hairdressers.

Now we know almost nothing about Mrs McKinstry.  A 1966 directory lists A McKinstry as living at The Studio on High Street. This had been the Burgess’s photographic shop and it had still been in the occupation of a Burgess for the 1964 electoral roll.

Perhaps someone out there could tell us more about Mrs McKinstry and her shop – please!