Market Lavington Museum

A leather valve?

We have this item in our museum and would welcome any information about it.

From time to time human error creeps in and we only know that its label describes it as a leather valve. If we look for further details on its record, we are led to a pony harness, which has been allocated the same number!

It is obviously not a modern piece of equipment and has disintegrated over time. Our object is about 8cm tall and measures about 8 cm across at its widest, tapering down to about 5 cm across. Perhaps it was designed be inserted into tubes, with various size bores and be pushed in as far as it would go. It has a cylindrical bore through its centre.

In this blog, we normally try to pass on some information about the artefacts at Market Lavington Museum and always welcome comments which can add to our understanding. We profess ignorance about this item and would be glad to know what it was used for, how it was used and when.

Over to you!