Market Lavington Museum

A leg vice

One of the tools of the trade at Market Lavington Museum is currently lying on the floor, waiting for a new display location.

It is a heavy iron object, about 86 cms long, and would, apparently, have been used in an upright position, with some sort of support for its leg.

It is a vice and has been used locally in two different trades. At one time, it had a device fitted in its jaws which stripped the bark from the osiers (willow withies) to prepare them for Basket making. For many years, members of the Mullings family made baskets in the village. The Basket Maker, Sid Mullings, was the last one working here. So, we could try to find a space to display this vice along with our other Basket Making Tools and baskets.

However, it is rather big and heavy and is more likely to go with the blacksmithing display, for it was also used at the smithy for holding red hot bars of metal.