Market Lavington Museum

A mantle clock

One of the items we have at Market Lavington Museum is this rather attractive inlaid mantle clock.It dates from the 1920s.

A 1920s mantle clock at Market Lavington Museum

This clock is very standard of its era with a neat, small, pendulum regulated movement.

The clock works

The manufacturers do not seem to have been particularly proud of this clock for we have not found a maker’s name.

The clock was a gift to a Market Lavington resident and a plaque on the front of the clock records this.

The plaque records the gift of the clock to May Potter on the occasion of her marriage to Bill Elisha

‘Presented to Helena M Potter by the day and Sunday Schools of Market Lavington on her marriage – 27th July 1929.’

On that date in 1929, Miss Potter became Mrs Elisha and she remained a teacher at Market Lavington School for the rest of her working life. Mrs Elisha was always known as May.

The clock still works you could hear it chiming by clicking here.