Market Lavington Museum

A mixed corner at the museum

Last year we had a problem with woodworm in one old cabinet. There was no option but to destroy it. Friends at Mere Museum were able to give us a replacement – and lovely it is, but it was smaller than the old wooden cabinet. We were left with a blank corner to fill.

Our ever-resourceful archivist came up with an idea and it looks very attractive. It is based around a pan stand that was not needed by the owner.

'Pan stand' display at Market Lavington Museum

All of the items on the stand are accessioned items – quite an eclectic collection.

On top we have a box made by the Darby and Joan club in 1988 to celebrate 25 years of this club.

Next down we have some  letter scales – designed to weigh light items with accuracy. The scales share this level with a child’s money box, shaped like a red pillar box. This dates from the 1930s.

The wooden box on the middle layer  contains a set of rubber stamps. It came from the Devizes Rural District Council (of which Market Lavington and Easterton were parts). It predates the computer age, from the era  before mail merge. It was a time when a document could be produced with blank spaces and then individual parish names could be rubber stamped in.

The pigeon is a decoy made by Norman Neate. Norman was a keen shooter as well as being the last commercial brewer in the village. It dates from the earlier part of the twentieth century.

The primus stove at the bottom dates from the mid 20th century and is a very compact, touring model. It belonged to a family on The Spring.

The doilies under the items are locally hand made, mostly in the early 20th century.

The small table underneath is covered with a mid nineteenth century cot cover. On that is a late 19th century black scarf and then a couple of salt cellars used in Clyffe Hall when it was a hotel. They date from the 1940s.

Why not pay us a visit to see these items and all the other displays we have.