Market Lavington Museum

A mystery press

At Market Lavington Museum, we have a very varied collection of items, but all should have a connection with our village, or neighbouring Easterton.

This object is a press made of wood and iron. It was given to our museum founder, Peggy Gye, by her grandfather, James Welch. She used it for pressing flowers, but we imagine this was not its original purpose.

James Welch, Peggy’s grandfather. His son, also James, was Peggy’s father.

James lived from 1856 to 1927, so this press could well be Victorian or Edwardian.

The central metal bars and wooden handle can all be removed in one piece, leaving this.

Then the upper wooden layer can be removed, exposing a flat wood base, on which flowers or maybe books or something else could be laid ready to be pressed.

Maybe one of our readers can enlighten us as to the original purpose of this piece of equipment.

For more information on Peggy’s grandfather, James Welch, see James Welch – a fine Victorian Gentleman.