Market Lavington Museum

A Parasol

In 2012, one would hardly have needed a parasol here in the UK. The idea of a parasol, as linguists will work out, was to protect a person from the sun. But back in the 1920s, no respectable lady wanted the sun’s rays to darken their skin. Carrying a parasol was very much ‘de rigeur’ 90 or so years ago.

The one we are showing today was used by ladies in the Gale family. It is a rather ornate in style with a very shaggy canopy. No doubt the young Miss Gales felt the height of fashion when out and about with this item.

1920s parasol used by the Gale family of Market Lavington

Let’s just rotate the canopy. Not everything is as strong as it once was so we daren’t open it up fully – but we’ll see a little more clearly just how shaggy it was.

The parasol canopy

This is not the only parasol we have in the museum. Another was used by Mrs Crassweller whose husband we met a few days ago (click here).