Market Lavington Museum

A postcard of Saint Mary’s Church

Market Lavington has been lucky to have the services of a professional photographer for the last 130 years. Alf Burgess set up his business in the village towards the end of the nineteenth century and, by chance or design, has provided a fine record of the village and its people.

The start of the twentieth century was the time when postcards became all the rage and Mr Burgess set about selling images of the village. These cards included ‘likenesses’ of the parish church. Perhaps our village photographer was proud of his skills for one postcard features not only the church, but also the vicar at the time, the wonderfully named Reverend Edward Blackston Cokayne Frith. Alf has merged into the photo a rather god-like head of this venerable gentleman who was vicar for more than twenty years. The Reverend Cokayne Frith rises up above the chancel end of the church.

St Mary's, Market Lavington and the Reverend Cokayne Frith

The other side of the card features a message and also a piece of printing which tells users they are now allowed to use this side for their message.

Message side of postcard of St Mary's and the vicar

Stamp collecting was popular before post card collecting and the stamp has been removed. Sadly this has also lost the details on the postmark.

This image was given to the museum yesterday. We’d like to thank the donor of this, and all the other donors who have given items to the museum. There just wouldn’t be a museum without all of your generous gifts.