Market Lavington Museum

A Quote from W Hopkins and Sons

The Hopkins were successful and active traders in the Lavington area. Their main base was at number 21 Church Street, which served as shop and store. They had other premises too, such as ‘The Lighthouse’ where gas was made for distribution around the village of Market Lavington.

But as this quote for a job shows, they didn’t only supply merchandise to the building trade, they were also actively involved in carrying out the work.

W Hopkins and Sons of Market Lavington quote for a job in 1911

This document, at Market Lavington Museum, is a quote for levelling the graveyard and restoring the tombstones to an upright state at West Lavington Church. It is dated 1st April 1911 (presumably it was not an ‘April Fool’ joke). To do this work, W Hopkins and Sons asked for the princely sum of £5.

The items shown as images on this piece of business paper are of interest. Bits of gutter and drainpipe hardly look exciting items to our 21st century eyes but perhaps in 1911 dealing with wastewater was all the rage.

It looks as though the bottom of the quote has been used as a notepad for some calculations. We do not know what that is about.

This is one of many bills, receipts, invoices etc that we have at Market Lavington Museum from a wide range of local businesses, past and present.