Market Lavington Museum

A royal coat of arms

St Mary’s Church in Market Lavington is a tall building and it is not always easy to see the detail in objects mounted high on its walls. At the museum, we have a photograph showing a diamond shaped painted board after it had been taken down and cleaned by Mr Manley in about 1980.

It is very helpful that some information about this coat of arms was written for the church leaflet at the time by Mr Manley and that this writing has been preserved with the picture.

It is not unusual to find funerary hatchments in churches. These lozenge shaped coats of arms of the deceased were hung on the wall of the house and later taken to the church. However, the cleaning process showed that our item was not a hatchment but a royal coat of arms, dating from 1639. For further information, read Mr Manley’s notes, below.