Market Lavington Museum

A School photo

School photos usually arouse interest – particularly those recent enough for those photographed to be recognised as friends, relatives or even, perhaps the person looking at this blog.

Here is such a photo.


This photo was taken in the little playground at The Old School and features at the back Mr Pickering.

We have the names of many of the youngsters as well.

Back row (left to right); C. Bishop, not yet known, S Chapman, S Heywood, K Scott, A Greening, F Carmichael, not yet known, P King.

Middle row (left to right); not yet known, not yet known, White, Baker, Steel, J Hancock, not yet known.

Front row (left to right); Peter Bolton, C Rose, not yet known, Eldridge, not yet known, D Baker, not yet known.

Of course we hope people out there will fill in the details. We estimate the year at about 1960 but again, we hope a reader will give us precision there.