Market Lavington Museum

A school register in 1947

Where are you now?

As the school summer holiday begins, maybe it is time to consider school in the past.

We are lucky, at Market Lavington Museum to have a number of school registers. They are great for genealogy for they give names, dates of birth and addresses where people lived.

Today we are looking at a register of youngsters who attended Market Lavington School in 1947. Many of these people are still alive and living in our community, so we only include names.

A 1947 class register from Market Lavington School

Present day teachers might be horrified at the thought of 40 youngsters in a class.

If you are amongst the people named we’d love to hear from you. Maybe you have memories of school life in the 1940s. Perhaps you could tell us tales of the teachers. Maybe your memories will be jogged by this list of names.

We have, of course, transcribed the names.

Michael Sainsbury
Jeffrey Matthews
Edward Maslen
John Sexton
Keith Davis
Malcolm Little
Robert Buckingham
Clive Banner
David Burt
Roy Chapman
Gordon Ellis
Rodney Jackson
Stanley Andrews
Philip Francis
Robin Tucker
Barry Osman
Basil owen
Alan Smith
Frederick Bunn
John Barnett
Maureen Ingram
Sonia McKinnon
Monica Oram
Mavis Oram
Gillian Cooper
Mary Burt
Dilys Stiles
Ann James
Hazel Maynard
Hazel Preedy
Florence Isherwood
Betty Sharp
Dorothy Sargant
Carole Heywood
Wendy Matthews
Jean Hiscock
Betty Ingram
Rosalia Hayball
Maureen Stone
Valerie Watts