Market Lavington Museum

A School Treat in the 1880s

Market Lavington School opened in the 1840s. It was run as two separate schools – one for boys and one for girls (and never the twain shall meet). School treats were clearly organised for one gender only. Today we look at the boys on a treat in about 1880.

Market Lavington schoolboys on a treat at The Vicarage in the 1880s

Sadly, we can’t name any of the boys who posed for this photo at the treat venue. This was the old Vicarage on High Street which is now a part of the care home. Let’s have a closer look at some of the lads. Maybe somebody out there in blogland will be able to name somebody.

Some of the boys in close-up. Can you name any of them?

The one person we are confident of naming is Thomas (Daddy) Hatley who was the headmaster at the time. He can be seen looking relaxed and casual on this treat day.

Thomas Hatley, headmaster of Market Lavington School is on the right

This brings home that photography was an early invention. None of the people in this photo would have seen a car, invented in 1885 although steam powered vehicles were older. Of course there was a railway network, but there was still twenty years to wait before it reached Lavington. Without much chance of getting to other places, a trip to the local vicarage probably seemed like a big deal at the time.