Market Lavington Museum

A Silver Jubilee glass

Today we complete a collection of three ‘royal event’ glasses which came from Clyffe Hall and formed part of the scene when it was run as Clyffe Hall Hotel. This one dates from 1977 – our present queen’s Silver Jubilee year.

1977 Silver Jubilee glass which as part of the decor at Clyffe Hall Hotel, Market Lavington

This wine glass is, very much, in the style of the 70s. It’s a no frills affair, designed to be functional and sturdy enough to cope with less formal meals. By the 1970s we had entered the era of TV meals on trays, sitting on the sofa. Glassware needed to be chunky to make sure there were no breakages when the inevitable drop onto the fitted carpet happened.

If you like the style, then with the current 70s revival you are in luck. It is possible to buy almost identical glasses today – minus the Silver Jubilee logo, of course.

Our item, with the logo, forms part of the museum display this year. Make sure you visit us this year. There are a huge number of new exhibits to see.