Market Lavington Museum

A St Barnabas plate

Before the 1870s, the people of Easterton in Wiltshire would have attended church services in Market Lavington, about a mile away. Then their own church, St Barnabas, was built along the High Street. For pictures and information about this building see St Barnabas Church, Easterton – then and now and Inside St Barnabas Church.

At Market Lavington Museum, we have this plate, which we believe dates from the early days of St Barnabas Church.

The plate is showing its age, with crazing and a faded central motif, which is still just legible if viewed close up – St Barnabas, Easterton.

The maker’s mark on the underside is clearer.

Previously Joseph Clementson and later including the word England and from 1910 marked with Limited, we can use the mark to date our plate from this Stoke on Trent firm to between about 1870 and 1910.