Market Lavington Museum

A stamp holder

In these days of emails, WhatsApp and other social media, we send and receive far fewer letters through the post. The business letters we receive usually do not have stamps on them. However, we still send birthday and Christmas cards and use stamps for those.

A recent donation to Market Lavington Museum reminds us of the pleasure we get from recieving a personal letter.

This it a little leather wallet for holding stamps. The leather has been tooled with a stylised daffodil pattern surrounding the gold lettering. On the back is a small gold leaf with the words Ardern Forest on it and C81 below the leaf.

There are a few stamps tucked inside. The owner of the the stamp wallet, Florrie Shore, who spent her childhood living in the cottage that houses our museum now, died in 1994, so the stamps predate that year.

The 10p Christmas stamp is from 1980. The 14p Prince Charles and Lady Diana wedding stamp is dated 29th July 1981 and the two 18p Christmas stamps are from 1987.