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A Succesful English Football Team

I gather that England’s chances of progress in the football World Cup are somewhat on a knife-edge. I haven’t watched any, but it seems performances so far have been indifferent. Those of us with memories long enough to recall the 1966 tournament may remember that it wasn’t so different then and of course, England went on to win it. And from my position of knowing almost nothing, I believe other fancied European teams have not done very well this time.

But in the 1937/8 season the Market Lavington and Easterton United team gathered quite a bit of silver ware. Players and others were keen to display their collection of winnings.

Market Lavington and Easterton United football team 137/38 - a photo at Market Lavington Museum

We know quite a lot of the names players who actually ended up second in the Trowbridge and District League in that year. Here are names from our record card.

Names of players on a record card

Unfortunately, we can’t put names to faces for the number of names given doesn’t match the number of people. Maybe you can help us with this. Do leave a message on this blog or contact the curator by email if you can help.